With over 20 years of experience and 200,000 lives changed, the Habit Finder is an assessment unlike any other. Through disruptive innovation, scientific measurement, transformational coaching, mindset calibration, and intrinsic connections, Habit Finder equips and empowers people to step into their real, genuine, authentic selves.

About the Assessment

The Habit Finder Assessment has been coined the "un-personality test". The Habit Finder does not reveal who you are or what you think. Instead, it sheds light on your unconscious tendencies and HOW you think.

Unlike countless personality assessments on the market, your Habit Finder profile accurately reveals your unique patterns of thinking and how they influence the habits you have developed throughout your lifetime.

Your assessment will present you with a series of statements to respond to, with each response representing a mathematical value. Mathematics ensure your responses do not get measured by normative values such as how things "should" or "ought to be," which things are good or bad, or which answers are right or wrong. The assessment is purely mathematical, even though the results feel magical.

With over six quadrillion objective variations, no two Habit Finder Profile results are the same. The volume of insight and data assessed within the Habit Finder will help you achieve a whole new level of self-awareness.

"The experience feels magical, but the process is mathematical."


Our Founders

Meet the brilliant minds behind Habit Finder.

dave blanchard

Dave Blanchard

With an impressive background in sales, management, networking, commercial and residential real estate, television, and film, Dave Blanchard is the consummate “renaissance man” of business. An all-conference middle linebacker in high school and free safety at Ricks College, Dave has never been afraid to hit the real issues head-on. He does so with extraordinary clarity and accuracy.

A successful author, public speaker, and executive coach, Dave has inspired thousands at large venues, facilitated incredible results with hundreds of organizations, fortified numerous marriages, and helped individuals maximize strengths and jettison unhealthy thinking habits.

paul blanchard

Paul Blanchard

President and co-founder of Habit Finder, Paul Blanchard is considered a habit dynamics expert. Paul is a professional speaker, corporate trainer, business leader, and coach focused on inspiring and teaching creators, entrepreneurs, and independent thinkers to increase performance and income while deepening relationships and fulfillment.

Paul has an insatiable passion for working with others on their journey of deep work and lasting success. He has had incredible triumphs and crushing defeats in life, each one giving him great insight into what works and what doesn’t. Combining his diverse experience with proprietary principles and tools, Paul offers significant insight, guidance, and impact for those seeking personal, business, and organizational triumph.

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