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"How did I get here?
What's wrong with me?
Why can't I get out of my own head?"

These are the questions that plague your mind as your head hits the pillow. Are you feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or even trapped in your own life? It might seem like you’re working harder and pushing faster, only to keep standing still. Do you crave financial freedom, productivity, and more solid relationships? There has to be more than the mental hamster wheel you’re living on, right? And if there was… how would you get there?


Good news: stepping off the hamster wheel and into fulfillment is possible.

Better news: we have the tools to help get you there!

At Habit Finder, we know how vital our thought patterns are to experiencing freedom, and we're here to equip you for the life of joy you deserve. With over 20 years of proven implementation and 200,000+ lives changed, The Habit Finder is a personal assessment unlike any other.

Discover Calibrated Solutions
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Check out our different coaching programs below, and decide what works best for your goals and habits.

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Get hands-on, individual attention from a Habit Finder specialist as you experience a game-changing mindset shift.

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Change your habits and change your results with Habit Finder Group Mastermind, our highly popular independent online course.

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Make more authentic connections online that lead to more sales with our 30-day social media action plan.

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Step Into Your Real, Genuine, Authentic Self

Accurately nicknamed the “x-ray of your brain,” we partner with individuals like you that are ready to unpack their current life and begin intentionally creating their new one. Through disruptive innovation, scientific measurement, transformational coaching, mindset calibration, and intrinsic connections, Habit Finder equips and empowers people to step into their real, genuine, authentic selves.

To begin, simply take the Habit Finder assessment. Then, schedule a session with one of our specialists to unpack your results.

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Find a Coach Equipped for Your Unique Goals & Obstacles

We'll work together to investigate your unique habits of thinking, identify the thought patterns holding you back, and explore calibrated solutions to your desired outcomes.

The mounting stress and frustration of unevaluated thought patterns can damage relationships, stunt your growth, and even spiral into self-destructing burnout. With Habit Finder, you can experience a game-changing mindset shift that brings increased clarity and confidence, stronger relationships, and the freedom to turn your dreams into reality.

Join the 200,000+ Lives Changed

“I've noticed a rather large shift in my business. My averages sales have grown by 50%, my team is growing at a faster rate than last year, and more importantly, I feel like I know how to truly connect on a deeper level with my customers and the artists I work with.”

Paige S.


"Take the training! This is the best program I have ever encountered. It’s the entire package. You will discover how to be the best version of yourself and how to serve others to find their best version of themselves."

Jill C.


“[Habit Finder] helped me to think outside the box... things I would never have considered before. Learning how to break through walls to be more effective in helping others was super valuable!”

Nancy S.


"Spot on! Opened my mind to see where my mental blocks are and provided me with hope for my future as a coach and the courage to give myself some grace."

Jodie S.


[Habit Finder] was the BEST THING I could have done for myself. For my mindset, business and relationships with others. My team went from 0-20 in six months, hitting personal sales goals and ranks. Finding the joy in my business and in my daily life.”

Michelle H.

Are you ready to experience a
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Leave superficial personality tests behind. The Habit Finder assessment reveals the hidden habits of thinking that are holding you back… in less than 10 minutes.