Have you ever wondered…

Why isn't this working for me???

Learning is not enough.
It's time to make SHIFT happen!


Why isn't this working for me?

You've done the training...

You do everything they say...

You see others getting the results that you want...
(or so they claim)

What's wrong with me?

You know they need you...
You likely already have a product or service. And we're guessing that you think it's pretty awesome! So why is it such a hard sell?

You know you need them...
Is it safe to say you're not only in this to serve others but also... to put money in your pocket? So, the motivation is there!

How do we know?
Lucky guess? No! We've been there and after discovering the secrets, we've committed to helping others (like you!) make the necessary SHIFTs to finally get results!

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Please, please, please hear us when we tell you...

It's not you.

And we'll prove it to you in 10 minutes or less!

(but we'll get back to that later)

When we first got started, our focus with our clients was on the techniques, strategies and tricks to being more successful.

One Problem... It didn't help.

In fact, it made many people's problems worse! Now they had the supposed "solutions" and STILL weren't making progress.

We realized that all the tools, principles, and techniques in the world were only as valuable as a person's ability to implement them.

Then it hit us…

It's your thinking!

Not WHAT you are thinking, but, rather, HOW you are thinking!

You see, this whole time you have been searching for what's missing... what you still need to know.

But what we've discovered (and proven thousands of times over!) is that you already have everything you need!

What if we told you (which is what we're about to do) that you have hidden habits of thinking that are getting in your way?

What if we told you that we can measure your habits of thinking to determine exactly what SHIFTs you need to finally get results?

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What Will I Get?

We provide a very clear path and support along the way.

All you need to bring is the ACTION!

Online SHIFT Masterclass

Step-by-step video lessons that will guide you through the necessary mindset shifts for unlocking endless possibilites

Introductory Strategy Session

1:1 call with a Habit Finder Specialist to chart your course ahead, using your unique Habit Finder Profile as the guide

Facebook Community

Connect with fellow Habit Finders to ask questions, share breakfthroughs and explore your experiences together

Game Plan
Capstone Session

1:1 call with a Habit Finder Specialist to review the SHIFTs you've experienced and establish a plan for what's next

Join the 200,000 + Lives Changed

Beth B

"This past year was a big one for me. I had big goals I wanted to achieve, one of them being personal development. As a Certified Health Coach, I know the value of having a coach to guide, support and encourage people to obtain their goals. When I was offered the opportunity to participate in the Intentional Creators Group Coaching through Og Mandino, I knew it was a great opportunity to make an investment in ME. Not only did I learn so much about myself, I learned how to assist my clients more intentionally. Having Dave and Paul Blanchard available as coaches was key in my journey, to motivate me, to push me and hold me accountable. This course was the most challenging thing I have done, but the changes I have made are so worth it and helped me achieve a rank that I had been “trying” to achieve for 2 years. Once I changed my focus and got into my client’s world, I became a better coach.”

Beth B.

Nancy S

"I wasn't sure what to expect, but I knew that personal growth and learning was part of becoming a leader, so I signed up. It helped me to think outside the box... things I would never have considered before. Learning how to break through walls to be more effective in helping others was super valuable! I left hungry for more learning and I expect many [people on my team] to do it again!"

Nancy S.

Julie A

"From the minute I started the process, I knew my life would never be the same. It started with a few simple questions that got me thinking more about my life, my purpose and how did I want to choose to show up and live each day. As the group coaching unfolded each session, I found that the time spent together was more valuable than I ever imagined. From digging deep inside to find those things (experiences, people and emotions) that were holding me back, to learning how to validate others to learning what it means to step out of my comfort zone."

Jodie S.

Amanda E

"Habit Finder coaching has truly changed not only my business but my life. As an entrepreneur, I was at a place in my business where I really didn’t know how to best serve the people around me. I was starting to feel stuck. What I found with Habit Finder was an opportunity to connect with coaches who were truly invested in my growth — they helped me navigate and understand my own thought processes, how those habits of thinking were sabotaging my ability to move myself forward, and also how those habits were hindering my ability to help anyone else do the same. The value, support, clarity, and training on leadership skills has been SO game changing for my business! I am so grateful to finally be back in creation, joy, service, and gratitude mode! And because of that even my personal life has been so blessed."

Amanda E.


How Does This Work?

  • Introductory Strategy Session

    Dive deeper with a Habit Finder Specialist to better understand your unique Habit Finder Profile and identify which habits of thinking can be shifted to unlock your potential. 

  • Week 1 : Connection with People - Part 1

    Unpack your life and your unique experiences and learn to use them to empathetically serve others with greater purpose.

  • Week 2 : Connection with People - Part 2

    Implement the 5 steps of Intrinsic Validation to unlock at least 40% more cooperation and productive energy from others.

  • Week 3 : Mental Creation - Part 1

    Identify your gift of vivid visualization and build awareness to avoid using it destructively. Transform fantasy, catastrophe and obligation into inspired ideas, intuitive impressions, creative solutions.

  • Week 4 : Mental Creation - Part 2

    Develop strategies to constructively build your dreams, set your goals and make your plans, so that you can actually create them.

  • Week 5 : Physical Creation

    Examine your habits of procrastination and challenge yourself to jump into your genius within the framework of Power Sessions.

  • Week 6 : Disciplined Thinking

    Challenge your systemic thinking and all or nothing mentality. Surrender your need to be right, your unattainable goal of perfection and your current routine, while establishing a new structure that will better equip you to serve others.

  • Week 7 : Joy in the Journey

    Relinquish control and embrace where you are to truly find joy in the journey and enhance your influence of others.

  • Week 8 : Self-Esteem

    Explore the major causes of damaged self-esteem to experience healing and even deeper connection with others.

  • Capstone Session

    Reconnect with your Habit Finder Specialist to review the SHIFTs you've experienced and what's required for ongoing, sustainable growth.

Meet The Creators

When time-tested principles meet the most up-to-the-minute tactics...

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Dave Blanchard

With an impressive background in sales, management, networking, commercial and residential real estate, television, and film, Dave Blanchard is the consummate “renaissance man” of business. An all-conference middle linebacker in high school and free safety at Ricks College, Dave has never been afraid to hit the real issues head-on. He does so with extraordinary clarity and accuracy.

A successful author, public speaker, and executive coach, Dave has inspired thousands at large venues, facilitated incredible results with hundreds of organizations, fortified numerous marriages, and helped individuals maximize strengths and jettison unhealthy thinking habits.

Paul Blanchard

Considered a habit dynamics expert, Paul has spent the last 14 years as a professional speaker, corporate trainer, business leader, and coach focused on inspiring and teaching creators, entrepreneurs, and independent thinkers how to increase performance and income, and deepen relationships and fulfillment.

As President of Habit Finder, Paul knows how vital our thought patterns are to experiencing freedom. He loves partnering with people who are ready to unpack their current life and begin intentionally creating a new one. Through disruptive innovation, scientific measurement, transformational coaching, mindset calibration, and intrinsic connections, Paul equips and empowers people to step into their real, genuine, authentic selves.
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