6 Things Successful People Do Daily

successful people

Have you ever wondered why getting ahead in life can sometimes seem like such a daunting task? The truth is, if you want to be highly successful, you need to be highly disciplined and create daily habits to accomplish your dreams and goals. Not sure where to start? No need to worry! We have curated…

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6 Ways to Change the Negative Thoughts in Your Head

How we talk to ourselves plays a big role in our mental health and our physical health. We often learn negative messages during childhood, whether from other children, parents, family members, teachers, or even the media. If we’re not taught to believe otherwise, negative messages can stick with us through adulthood, making it harder to…

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4 Habits to Practice When You Feel Overwhelmed

It is no secret everyone in today’s world is overworked and overstressed. Most people strive to be the busiest friend, the most successful parent, or the most involved spouse. While these things are not all bad, it is important to take care of yourself and make sure you are not overworking yourself to the point…

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The Importance of Love Languages

love languages

When it comes to relationship advice, love languages are probably the most go-to remedy for anyone who wants to improve their connections with their partners or loved ones. Yet, unbeknownst to many, love languages can actually take a toll on your relationship if you’re not careful. In this episode, Paul Blanchard helps you avoid falling…

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Love Languages, Relationships, and Defining Ourselves

Answers and solutions are two different things. Answers don’t work, but they can guide us to solutions. The only way you can implement solutions is through discussions, conversations, connections, and opportunities to hear someone else’s perspective without it being an attack on yours. In this episode, Paul Blanchard challenges everyone to, rather than seek answers,…

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The Dark Side Of Why

overthinking and analyzing

For a lot of people, finding their why creates their purpose in life. It’s supposed to help you find clarity, meaning, and fulfillment because when you know your purpose in life, you’ll know who you are, what you are, and why you are. On today’s podcast, Paul Blanchard talks about a different side of why…

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Interrogate and Micromanage Your Team

micromanage your team

Two words that most commonly create a very negative reaction to people are “interrogation” and “micromanagement.” Any of us who’ve worked in corporate America with a tough manager or boss, have been frustrated by micromanagement. Any of us who were ever a rebellious teenager has experienced interrogation from our parents, mentors, or leaders in our…

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Don’t Be A Positivity Warrior

Being positive has its own merits, but not by turning a blind eye to the struggles of others. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect all of us around the world in every aspect of our lives imaginable, Paul Blanchard maintains that we should avoid being a positivity warrior. In this episode, he reminds us…

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How to Become Better

how to become better

When asked about the key to their success, executives, leaders, entrepreneurs, and business owners from different companies say it all boils down to one thing – becoming better or what is simply called personal growth. On today’s show, host Paul Blanchard discusses personal growth and distills it down into simple things to help you evaluate…

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