Cracking the Social Code

6-Week Experience

Beat the algorithm to make more connections that lead to more sales!

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The Path to High-Trust Connections


Why trust Facebook to create your relationships? In this course, you will learn the skills to create relationships for yourself that beat the algorithm. We show you simple baby steps that add up to create deeper connection in the platform as well as relationship with your friends, fans and followers.


We give you incremental actions, that compound in effect, leading to consistent branding as well as naturally and organically placing your posts and content in front of not only your friends and followers but their friends and followers as well!


The big secret in social media marketing is that when you show up for relationship instead of just media delivery, you will build greater trust, more brand ambassadors and more and better conversions. We lead you through this in a way that seems too simple to believe.

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What Will I Get?

We provide a very clear path. All you need to bring is the ACTION!

30 Day Action Plan

Step-by-step social media plan designed according to the most up-to-date heat mapping by a cyber expert!

Ready-for-You Posts

No need to spend time searching or crafting. We provide daily samples that are ready to be posted!

Mindset Calibration

We don't just provide the HOW. We also provide the WHY and disrupt the patterns responsible for why you haven't... until now!

VIP Access - Weekly Support Calls!

Join weekly live support calls to plan your week, ask questions & hear helpful tips.

Meet the Experts

Time-tested principles plus super-expert tactics…

paul blanchard

Paul Blanchard

Considered a habit dynamics expert, Paul has spent the last 14 years as a professional speaker, corporate trainer, business leader, and coach focused on inspiring and teaching creators, entrepreneurs, and independent thinkers how to increase performance and income, and deepen relationships and fulfillment.

As President of Habit Finder, Paul knows how vital our thought patterns are to experiencing freedom, partnering with those ready to unpack their current life and begin intentionally creating their new one. Through disruptive innovation, scientific measurement, transformational coaching, mindset calibration, and intrinsic connections, Habit Finder equips and empowers people to step into their real, genuine, authentic selves.

Resident Cyber Ninja

His anonymity isn't a gimmick or marketing scheme. As a consultant for multiple government offices and businesses, discretion is a must!

Our Cyber Ninja has worked on Capitol Hill, charged with cyber security audits, full security design and architecture and ethical hacking and penetration testing.

He has been a Web Developer for over 2 decades and was an early adopter, often as early as their beta stages, of platforms such as WordPress, Facebook, Google Drive & Apps, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

It is not just his code, sweat and tears in many of these projects as well as experience consulting with companies around the globe that arm our Cyber Ninja with the skills to help guide this course. He remains a diligent student of the current algorithms and heat mapping and brings the most up-to-the-minute insight into what and when actions will yield the greatest results!

cyber ninja

Join the 200,000 + Lives Changed

Testimonial - Paige

“I've noticed a rather large shift in my business. My averages sales have grown by 50%, my team is growing at a faster rate than last year, and more importantly, I feel like I know how to truly connect on a deeper level with my customers and the artists I work with.”

Paige S.

Testimonial - Jill

"Take the training! This is the best program I have ever encountered. It’s the entire package. You will discover how to be the best version of yourself and how to serve others to find their best version of themselves."

Jill C.

Testimonial - Nancy

“[Habit Finder] helped me to think outside the box... things I would never have considered before. Learning how to break through walls to be more effective in helping others was super valuable!”

Nancy S.

Testimonial - Jodie

"Spot on! Opened my mind to see where my mental blocks are and provided me with hope for my future as a coach and the courage to give myself some grace."

Jodie S.

Testimonial - Michelle

[Habit Finder] was the BEST THING I could have done for myself. For my mindset, business and relationships with others. My team went from 0-20 in six months, hitting personal sales goals and ranks. Finding the joy in my business and in my daily life.”

Michelle H.

Cracking the Social Code

6-Week Course

  • 6-Week Daily Action Plan $600 Value

    30 days of step-by-step instructions of what actions to take and when! 5 days a week x 6 weeks.

  • Up-to-the-Minute Updates Priceless!

    Realtime updates from our "Cyber Ninja" so that timings and actions are inline with the most current heat-mapping.

  • Ready-to-Post Graphics $100 Value

    You don't have to recreate the wheel! We provide samples for every single post we instruct you to post, with the exception of your personal story.

  • Video Tutorials $XYZ Value

    Learn the tactics and mindset required to get out of your own way and knock this out of the park!

  • Printable Planner and Workbook $47 Value

    Easy-to-print workbook to keep you organized and on task throughout your experience.

  • ​VIP Support Calls $400 Value

    Submit questions to the Ninja and join our weekly LIVE support calls for in-person answers and exclusive hot tips.

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