4 Habits to Practice When You Feel Overwhelmed

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It is no secret everyone in today’s world is overworked and overstressed. Most people strive to be the busiest friend, the most successful parent, or the most involved spouse. While these things are not all bad, it is important to take care of yourself and make sure you are not overworking yourself to the point of no return. It can seem that if you aren’t multitasking, you feel lazy. If you aren’t doing everything you can, you feel like you’re slacking. We want to help you eliminate those feelings with a few simple steps. Here are some awesome tips to destress and kick those feelings of defeat.

1) Change your thought process.

When you start feeling overwhelmed, the best thing to do is change how you are thinking about things. Once faced with a daunting task, it is easy to become frustrated and stressed about what you are doing. If you take a moment out of your day and try to come at your problem with a rational approach, you will notice a considerable shift in your perspective over time. An immediate switch from thinking negatively to focusing on the positive will increase your productivity because you will spend more time completing the task at hand rather than stressing about things you cannot control.

2) Stop feeling guilty.

Have you ever been faced with an issue or situation out of your control? If so, sometimes you might feel guilty when you are unable to help someone with a problem. It is necessary to remember that you cannot always solve every situation you face. Comparing ourselves to others or unrealistic expectations is another type of guilt-inducing trap. If you continuously try to keep up with others or with an ideal vision of what you think you should be doing, you will notice your life quality is not the best it can be. While it is always necessary to strive for improvement in your life, it is essential not to go overboard because you feel like you must keep up with what others are doing. Only you know what’s really important to you, so focus on what your top priorities are, not someone else’s.

3) Create a healthy morning routine.

If you feel like your life is a little out of control, it may be because you are not starting your day off right! When you have an established morning routine, you will notice a difference in your entire day. Set a specific time to wake up every morning and start your day off with either a nice warm cup of coffee or tea to get the day going. If you enjoy working out in the morning, it may be a good idea to set aside some time for some yoga or a light jog to really get your energy level up. Another idea is to fuel up for your day by having a nutritious breakfast that will get you on track to success. By creating these healthy morning habits, you will notice a world of a difference in your day.

4) Take time for yourself.

One of the essential aspects of a healthy lifestyle is taking time to do the activities you enjoy. Whether that’s going outside for a refreshing afternoon walk, going to your favorite restaurant or coffee shop, or just curling up with a good book, it is essential to take the time out of your day to do the things you love. We all have 24 hours in a day, so there is no excuse for not taking just a few minutes or hours to treat yourself. You will find your stress has greatly diminished once you implement these habits into your daily routine. After all, life is what you make it, so don’t spend your life worrying about the things you cannot control. Instead, take control of what you can and do everything to the best of your ability.

Overall, it is necessary to implement these four habits to ease those feelings of stress and anxiety. When you start to feel overwhelmed, take a moment to slow down and think about what is really important to you in the present moment. Once you do this, you will notice your life is easier to control. Everyone feels overwhelmed sometimes. The thing is to realize it’s normal, and you can do something about it by taking focused and deliberate action. If you want to learn how to gain complete control over your thoughts and habits, visit our website today, take the Habit Finder assessment, and then schedule a session with one of our specialists to unpack your results. Together, we’ll investigate your unique habits of thinking —identifying the thought patterns holding you back— and explore calibrated solutions to your desired outcomes!