What Drives You… And At What Cost?

personal development

In a world that bombards us with advice to reach our goals and never stop until we reach success, we can sometimes forget to take care of ourselves. What drives us to accomplish what we want? What drives us into that next gear, that next chapter, that never-ending next goal? More importantly, at what cost?…

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Interrogate and Micromanage Your Team

micromanage your team

Two words that most commonly create a very negative reaction to people are “interrogation” and “micromanagement.” Any of us who’ve worked in corporate America with a tough manager or boss, have been frustrated by micromanagement. Any of us who were ever a rebellious teenager has experienced interrogation from our parents, mentors, or leaders in our…

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2 Evaluators of a Worthy Investment

worthy investment

Abundance is a very hot topic these days, and a lot of people are leveraging abundance appropriately. However, there are also many people leveraging abundance a little manipulatively. In this episode, host Paul Blanchard talks about the karma of abundance and addresses some of the major challenges that people have when they become entrepreneurs, especially…

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